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For your consideration:
"The Relaxation Response" by Herbert Benson, M.D.



Anxious man with stress overload Instant stress busters, lifestyle and job stress management techniques and devices, calming resources for the overworked and overstressed, sources of stress, relaxation techniques, imagery and stress reduction, stress and information overload:

The key is to restore balance in our overstressed, overworked, overextended lives and engage in simple pleasures. Read all about "The Lost Art of Having Fun." So have some chocolate, take a nap, take a walk, listen to music, have a good laugh or a good cry -- just some of the many ways to survive in a very hectic world.  

Would you like 25 ways to cut stress in your business and personal life?   You'll find the first two basic principles suggested here involve having fun and having a laugh to reduce tension!

Are you a nervous bride-to-be? Do you know of one? This site offers "65 Stress Busters To Consider During Wedding Planning" to help the bride and groom help take their minds off their hassles.

Here’s a wealth of information on stress management including relaxation techniques and devices, biofeedback, hypnosis, meditation, visualization, and humor for frayed nerves, information overload, as well as stress relief for college students. 

The Univ. of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign offers help with stress management:  what stress is, why it ties us up in knots, how to manage it better, where to get more help. 

Weber University in Utah's Dr. Michael Olpin offers an excellent stress management site complete with relaxation resources, 10 commandments for managing stress, 10 more commandments, and over 100 good reasons to exercise your stress away.

Frayed around the edges?
  Here's a short list of stress management methods to keep you from succumbing to stress overload provided by the College of Saint Benedict, Saint John's University.

Excellent stress management information from the Oklahoma State University Department of Environmental Health and Safety includes facts about job stress, public speaking and stress, and more.

You can use imagery, positive thinking, meditation, and other stress reduction techniques to get stress levels under control. Whether it's environmental, chemical or nutritional stress, or lifestyle and job stress, why not "think your way to an excellent life."

Here are "35 Sure Fire Stress Reducers" and one of them is a personal favorite: "do something for the Kid in you everyday!"

Which of these 30 stress relief techniques is right for your lifestyle?  All are suggested to help you de-stress.

Job Stress Help offers tips to relieve job stress, job stress symptoms, and 10 signs you stayed too long.

The Stress Doc is a motivational speaker who also offers his wide-ranging essays online dealing with stress and burnout, grief and depression, anger, workplace violence, trauma and crisis and more.

Did you know that stress boosts your heart attack risk?  Get lots of good advice, tips, FAQ's, on taking care of your heart.  And check on the tips for a successful doctor's visit, too!

A doctor once advised us to read "The Relaxation Response" by Dr. Herbert Benson.  We did.  And then we bought extra copies for friends and family.  Dr. Benson, along with so many medical voices, shows us that the simple act of becoming deeply relaxed relieves stress, mental tension, and benefits a variety of ailments. You have the power to help with your own healing.

Aromatherapy is a proven recipe for stress reduction,
and aromatherapist and registered nurse Diane Grandstrom reminds us that the use of aromatic oils dates back 5000 years.  At Aromatherapy Plus, Diane offers advice, plus a host of products to help your body's "happy neurotransmitters" tame a bad mood, rejuvenate spirits, and reduce stress.  (Her "Soul-Soothing Scents for Cancer Patients" was featured in the Feb. 2002 issue of Prevention Magazine.)

The information provided on this site is designed to inform you and support, not replace, your relationship with your doctor.

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