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Overstressed man takes stress quiz
Stress tests and quizzes, measure your stress, stress sources and checklists, overstress, phobias, online shrinks and virtual psychologists:

Most of us experience stress every day. You can't eliminate it, but you can try to cope so that the stress doesn't negatively impact your health.  Rutgers Cooperative Extension can help you better understand your level of vulnerability with their Stress Quiz.

Do you have good balance in your life?  Are you bordering on being tense?  How stressed are youTake this stress quiz and rate yourself.

You’ll find a “stress scale”, a checklist for handling overstress, sleep problems, emotional conflicts, drug use, and more at this bi-lingual health education site which is also quite helpful for high school and college students.  

Here's a quick quiz to help you evaluate how stressed out you are.  Be honest taking this Stress Quiz. There's also info on stress signals, substance abuse, sleep and more.

Stress can make our daily lives miserable
, and affect our physical health as well.  How high is your Stress Index?

What's your stress score when it comes to coping with life's stressors?  Feeling pressured, sad, worried, or sitting on the top of the world free from stress and worry.  Take the Stress Quiz and read your report.

This site’s unique Stress-O-Meter uses patented techniques to measure the amount of stress in your work environment, measuring worries about things like salary, uncomfortable workplace, lay-offs and other concerns.

Exactly what causes you stress?  Is it work, family, school, social pressures, traffic jams, or all of the above?  The University of Washington at Stevens Point lets you fill out a stress sources input form and see the result in seconds.

When it comes to online shrinks, Find-a-Therapist was cited by the Wall Street Journal and offers private online sessions with a therapist, plus e-therapy and traditional counseling information and resources.

Another place to help you meet life's challenges and get online mental health counseling is HelpHorizons, where you can quickly talk to a licensed professional via e-mail, chats, and videoconferencing.

You can't eliminate the pressures in your life, but you can learn to eliminate stress.  You see, pressure is what's happening to you, stress is how you respond to the pressures.  You can chill out with the Cyber Psychologist, no appointment necessary.

At Ask Happyshrink, Happy posts questions, answers, message boards, advice, rants and ravings – and humor. You can also chat with Happyshrink online every Tuesday in a group therapy session.

Ever wonder how phobias are named? Find the answer, plus a list of several hundred phobias and places to look for help.

If the stress feels overwhelming, or you or someone you know is feeling depressed, go to our resources on depression and anxiety for help.

The information provided on this site is designed to inform you and support, not replace, your relationship with your doctor.

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