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Prescription for drug price comparisons
Shop Around for Prescription Drug Prices -- and How to Get Free Meds if You Qualify

Americans  pay excessive amounts for some prescription drugs, while overseas patients pay substantially less for the same medications.  And seniors are frequently hosed for drugs that help keep them alive.  A seven-state congressional study in 1998 concluded that of the 10 best-selling brand-name drugs, older Americans paying for their own prescriptions pay more than double the price paid by big insurance companies, HMOs and others that get a deal from the industry.  A separate study found that of the 10 most widely used drugs by seniors, Americans pay 81% more than Canadians!

What's more, drug makers use sweetheart deals and stalling tactics to keep cheaper generic drugs from reaching the market.  They rob Americans of billions of dollars. 

What do they do with those billions of our dollars?  For one thing, someone's got to pay for the barrage of advertising created to ramrod new drugs into our lives.  You can't sit through one evening of TV without being bombarded by the "ask your doctor" drug commercials.  

More heartbreaking, Congressman Bernard Sanders (I-VT) proves that the pharmaceutial industry continues to FLEECE AMERICANS AND POCKET MORE PURE PROFIT THAN ANY OTHER INDUSTRY.  In fact, they spend millions on lobbying against serious prescription drug legislation.  It's enough to make you sick.  

  Since you have to pay through the nose for you meds, why not pay less if you can.  Here are some sites that help you compare drug prices:


AC Drugs





Global Rx


Pharmacy Information

Prescription Drug Comparison and Prescription Drug Calculator


  Be aware that buying medicines and medical products online requires vigilance on your part.  The FDA has tips and warnings for consumers so you're aware of the dangers that lurk on the web.  

   For those who can't afford sky-high drug prices, these sites help you obtain prescription drugs for free:

Destination Rx Free Drug Program

Directory of Prescription Drug Patient Assistance Programs (from PhRMA)

Free Drug Locator

Free Medication for indigent patients

Free Medication for low income and elderly

Free Meds for Low-Income Pain Patients


Medicare's Prescription Drug Assistance Programs

NeedyMeds lists 176 programs



The Medicine Program

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