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Safe prescription drug capsules
Drug databases for OTC & prescription drugs, drug and vaccine safety alerts, approvals and recalls of medical and surgical devices, drug side effects, interactions and adverse reactions, pharmaceutical manufacturers, pharmacist questions:

For up-to-the minute safety information on patients' adverse reactions to drugs, safety alerts for drugs, vaccines, biologics, medical devices, and dietary supplements, get to MedWatch, your gateway to timely information on products regulated by the FDA. 

Or stop by the FDA News page which also lists recent medical device approvals, info on vaccines, cosmetics labeling, plus recalls on surgical devices.

Many medicines can interact with food, alcohol, caffeine and with the human body; for food & drug interactions, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration also offers this informative site.  

The Physician's Desk Reference -- PDR -- is a full listing of medications available by prescription in the U.S.  PDR is intended for use by healthcare professionals, but through their Getting Well Network, you get plain-English information on FDA-approved drugs so you can check on dosage, warnings, adverse effects, precautions, effects of overdose, etc. of your meds.

Lycos Health with WebMD helps you find a drug and you can browse the database by brand name or generic name.  There are also wellness topics, conditions, medical library and health calculators.

Health Square
offers comprehensive information on more than 1,000 prescription medications, including side effects and possible interactions, plus info on major conditions, diseases and treatments, as well as links to databases so you can find healthcare providers.

MedlinePlus offers a guide to more than 9,000 prescription and over-the-counter medications, plus info about medical device safety, and FDA warnings, recalls and other information including clinical trials.

Of course, you'll check with your healthcare professional, too, but Healthtouch’s Drug Information site has more than 10,000 prescription and over-the-counter medications listed. 

The Internet Drug Index – RxList -- lets you search drug brands, OTC's and nutraceuticals, a medical encyclopedia, drug FAQ's, alternative medicine remedies, drug news, and imprint codes for 20,000+ capsules and tablets so you know what you're taking.

The Institute for Safe Medication Practices issues hazard alerts and medication safety alerts!

Track down addresses, e-mail addresses, links, and telephone numbers for both prescription drug manufacturers and makers of over the counter medications.

The information provided on this site is designed to inform you and support, not replace, your relationship with your doctor.

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