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When RudeBusters first started its anti-rudeness and anti-bullying awareness campaign over 10 years ago, only about 7 states had passed bullying laws. Now 49 out of 50 states have recognized the need to protect us against bullying behavior and have passed anti bullying laws.

Angry, bullying youths are on many parents' and principals' minds. These days, juvenile behavior such as taunting, teasing and threats can no longer be accepted as "simply a part of growing up."  We now have lawmakers on our side -- and Uncle Sam offers anti-bully advice and excellent resources for all ages. 

Don't be a bullying bystander. You can talk about bullying, help kids understand bullying, and ways to treat each other with respect - which helps build a safer school environment, help fight youth violence, and more.

Every young athlete should walk away from practice and competition with a positive self-image and that means everyone - parents, players, coaches, and volunteers - have  to take positive steps to stamp out sports bullying

With credits like sport psychology consultant to the 1999 NCAA Menís Basketball National Champion University of Connecticut Huskies and the 2000 menís soccer NCAA champions, Dr. Alan Goldberg works with athletes and teams across all sports at every level, from professional and Olympic caliber right down to junior competitors. His take on sports bullies and sadistic kids reminds parents and coaches of their responsibility to stop bullies in their tracks. Kudos.

Bullying. No way. Long acknowledged as a worldwide problem, bullying and violence have no place here at Australia's safe and supportive anti-bullying site for students, parents, and teachers. 

How about a few tips on driving etiquette when you're being bullied by an aggressive driver? Take a deep breath and take some road etiquette pointers.

Are you being pushed around by a "serial bully?"†Bullies help fuel the rudeness sweeping the country -- bullying bosses and co-workers, partner abuse, student and teacher bullying -- and the results are far-reaching including stress, depression, drug and alcohol abuse, injury and even suicide. Click into bullying resources, news, and advice.   

If you're a bullying victim, here are 20 traits of the serial bully.  

Bullying victims deserve protection at work from abusive spouses who know where to find their victims, who are essentially passive sitting ducks chained to their desks at work. Here are some insights into how bullying and domestic violence can mirror each other.

The workplace is full of anger -- and workplace killings are the fastest-growing kinds of slayings. Many companies are not prepared to deal with angry, disgruntled employees, according to this feature from the Houston Chronicle.

The bully boss. Bullying on the job affects one is six workers. USA Today offers some advice on how to get rid of bullies in the workplace.

Did you know that 2 out of 3 Americans say they have a bully in their midst at the workplace? It's an epidemic. Check out these important findings.

Workplace bullies seek to enslave targets and 45% of targeted individuals suffer stress-related health problems. When targets take steps to preserve their dignity, their right to be treated with respect, bullies escalate their campaigns of hatred and intimidation. You'll find more insights here at the Workplace Bullying Institute.

What if you work for a bully boss? CBS Money Watch has some tips on how you might handle a bully boss. 

Workplace bullying is a proven health hazard. Recognized as a destructive process, experts worldwide are wrestling with the problem of workplace bullying

We live in a high stress, fast paced world where workplace anger surfaces. Here are ten steps for helping mangers and employees tackle anger management in the workplace and learn to help create an environment of civility on the job.

As sexual harassment becomes less acceptable in society, organizations may be more attuned to helping victims, who then find it easier to cope. Surprisingly, researchers find that bullying on the job is more harmful than sexual harassment. Because non-violent forms of workplace aggression such as incivility and bullying are not illegal, leaving victims to fend for themselves.

If you're a human resources professional, you're on the front lines of trying to prevent and/or alleviate workplace bullying.  With at least 18 million work days lost each year to workplace bullying, you can even help your company's bottom line by adopting an anti-bullying policy.  To employees, ignoring it is condoning more about how to get a handle on how to recognize the office bully from WorkRelationships, Inc.

So you've tried everything you could to stop a bullying situation, well don't give up just yet. Here are some more ways from your Uncle Sam to get help with a seemingly hopeless situation.

Welcome to Operation Respect - Parent's Place, Kid's Corner, Educator's Ave., and a goal of creating compassionate, safe and respectful environments for kids, free of bullying, ridicule and violence.

The Iowa Dept. of Transportation offers some excellent insight on road rage, an aggressive driver profile, and potentially life-saving pointers on what motorists can do adding that "He/She who drives away, lives to drive another day."

Here's another outstanding site designed to help you protect you and yours by preventing road rage from escalating. You'll find suggestions on how to start a road rage prevention campaign in your neighborhood, school or community.

Full speed ahead to this Road Rage Quiz to test your road rage quotient. If you've been told you're an aggressive driver -- a "Rager" -- here's how you can deny or confirm any bad habits.

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