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Mr. Privacy reading privacy policy PRIVACY POLICY

Internet safety and the protection of your privacy are some of the key objectives of our web site.

RudeBusters! does not collect or maintain any anonymous or personally identifiable information of any kind and, therefore, do not sell or release any information to any third party.  Nor do we maintain lists of visitors.  

We respect your privacy and denounce the stealthy collection and dissemination of personal data and dossiers.  That is why we are committed to and endorse any initiatives that advocate privacy protection, and suggest you familiarize yourself with privacy policies of all sites you visit. 

RudeBusters! offers direct links on our site to other sites. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee the security of those sites, or ensure that these sites share our privacy philosophy. 

May we suggest you download your copy of the comprehensive Internet user handbook offered by Senator Orrin G. Hatch, Chairman, U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee, prepared by Majority Staff:

The RudeBusters! site also includes additional resources on safeguarding your privacy.  For any questions about the site or privacy issues, please contact us at:


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