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Legal help and resources, legal questions, protection from incompetent lawyers, legal forms, law dictionary, legal first-aid regarding accidents, injuries, landlords, tenants, small business, wills, free consultations, estate and financial planning, find a lawyer, and more:

Need to find an attorney, and in the process see how he/she is rated by their  peers? allows you to choose an attorney by location and practice, and you can look at his/her educational background and see how he/she is rated by others in the judicial system.  A fine resource!

HALT fights to protect you from incompetent, negligent or unscrupulous lawyers, and works to expose malpractice and legal abuses. The Wall St. Journal says, they "chip away at lawyers' monopoly on the legal system."  Their agenda is helping you, so you get answers to common legal questions and plenty of useful resources.

The Nolo Self-Help Law Center is packed with do-it-yourself legal information for wills and estate planning, small business, independent contractors, landlords and tenants, trademarks, marriage, personal injury, law dictionary, and forms.

Protect yourself and your family with practical legal first-aid on accidents, defective products, serious injuries, cancer and birth defects by toxic chemicals, free legal consultations online, and over 200 articles and brochures by litigation specialists at this excellent legal information site. 

Cover your assets!  Get practical legal stuff in simple English.  Find legal, tax, estate and financial info – probate, estate planning, help for newlyweds, living wills, medical authorization forms for kids, plus audio clips from radio shows featuring tips and legal forms of the week. 

Legal help and plenty of it  is packed into this informative site for consumers; there’s an easy-to-use legal dictionary, legal guides, find-a-lawyer search, resources galore. 

The Legal Information Institute helps you access legal materials and get answers to lots of questions at their information-packed site with law listed by source or jurisdiction, law events in the news, court decisions and rulings-- highly informative! 

Free Advice is an easy to use site for -- what else -- free advice on over 100 law topics including accident and aviation law, bankruptcy and criminal law, estate planning and financial law, and more, so learn your legal rights whether you're an individual or a small business.

The American Bar Assoc. offers consumers basic information about the law on legal topics that affect your daily life -- family, home, job, finances, buying and selling, the courts, criminal justice, FAQs, and finding a lawyer.

The Guide to Law Online is prepared by the U.S. Law Library of Congress Public Services Division.  It's an annotated guide to sources of information on government and law available online and includes national, state and international links.

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