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Entertaining playgrounds that please, inspire and teach children without crude or violent content; plenty of bugs, insect-themed food, slime mold, dinosaurs, space images, weird science, brain teasers, drawing, games, activities, songs, volcanoes, crimestoppers and safety, shapeshifters, answers to everyday questions, zoo tours, puzzles, yucky stuff, fun for middle school kids, and a Polite Kid Award, too:

Science News has launched a wonderful website to make science accessible to kids ages 9 to 13.  There are kid-friendly news items, brain teasers, games, hands-on activities, and resources for teachers and parents.  Science News for Kids will give students opportunities to get involved with science. offers tips, advice and suggestions to make your family's web experience fun and safe.

This site is recommended by the French, English, Austrailian, Canadian and American National Education Authorities, Yahoo, AOL, Lycos, and on and on.  With games, coloring pages, puzzles, songs, stories, and more, it’s a kid’s goldmine.

A big yikes to the Yuckiest Site on the Internet.  From worm world and roach world, to barfing, blackheads and the Yucky Labs with creepy crafts, revoltin' recipes, icky experiments, and highly unusual activities -- as delightfully gross as they come!

With over 250 zoos from Abilene, Texas, to the Zoo Zurich in Switzerland, here's a wealth of zoo tours, animal stuff and swell adventures, plus zoo games, zoo cams, and hints on taking great zoo pictures!

The Thinking Fountain from the Science Museum of Minnesota is brimming with activities, galleries, and surprises, plus an imagination-stirring A to Z index of ideas that include air-blown artwork of young artists to whirling wonders and zoo worms.

Here’s a real dinosaur find:  Paleontology made simple, maps of ancient earth, fossil photos, geologic ages of earth, dinosaurs from Aachenosaurus to Zuniceratops, plus gazillions of dino links!

The Univ. of Kentucky makes bugs fun – with insect-themed food like Ant Treats, Fly-in-the-Batter Cookies, Caterpillar in a Cocoon, and Spider Cake. There’s also insect stories, mystery bug, make your own compound eye, paper mache insects, and even bugquotes and riddles.

Created by kids for kids, this phenomenal site provides Kids’ Lightning Information and Safety in English, Spanish and Swahili, with an introduction also in French, and parts of the site soon to be in Chinese.  Kid power at its finest!

NASA Just for Kids:  Learn why sticky food is better than crumbly food for astronauts in space, build a mountain and make a topographic map of it, make a galactic mobile, get a space nose, make asteroid potatoes, and share your genius with others.

Your tax dollars put to good use -- the CIA’s Kid Pageyoungsters can try a disguise, check out the canine corps, try the geography quiz, break the code, and there are even aerial reconnaissance photography pigeons!

The U.S. Mint's site for kids has games, cartoons, you can travel in the time machine, there's coin news, Camp Coin and a section for teachers.

Funbrain has a great game where your mind is your map...called "Where is That?" There's lots more fun stuff, too!

The World Almanac for Kids is read by millions of kids each year.  The Explore segment lets kids sift through tons of information about inventions, space, nations, the environment, a history timeline, there's also Fun and Games, Insider Info and even a Kids Speak Out Contest.

Kids' Fun Online at Scholastic features Harry Potter, Clifford the Big Red Dog, Animorphs, Captain Underpants, The Magic School Bus, Kids Council and lots more -- from a company whose mission is to instill the love of reading and learning in all children! 
(Just click on "Kids" on their home page.)

A number of sites offer kids ages 8 to 14 the opportunity to express themselves creatively and feature online newspapers, original stories and poems written by kids around the world.  Other sites offer advice to budding writers.  FamilyFun has culled some of these writing sites for kids.

At this USDA science site for kids, “Science knows no boundaries.” Look for leeches in Nepal, a few good bugs in Australia, a Costa Rican fossil is alive and shoots “goo”, see Mars with a microscope, galaxies of snowflakes, weird science, and plenty of ideas for science fair projects, too!

Twig Walkingstick provides the answers to questions about everyday things like why do I sweat, why is celery crunchy, how do birds learn their songs, what is nit-picking (yuk) what’s slime mold (yuk) and other cool stuff.

The Kids Zone at the National Wildlife Federation lets you match the footprints to the animal, quiz yourself, find wacky wildlife stories, play games and more.  Choose one of 4 age groups and have some fun!

Hundreds of brainteasers and riddles await here, as does a look at the human brain in a 3D video tour of the Brain’s Inner Workings, and a movie and quiz to learn more about YOUR brain!

The Univ. of Idaho Cooperative Extension's Kidspace Art is a "fun place for kids and adults to learn together."  Design, problem solving, imagination on the go, storytelling, and lots of drawing and painting activities here.

Animal lovers will love games like Shapeshifter, Save the Sea Turtle, Build a Dinosaur, and Speak Crocodilian.  Animal Planet provides lots of games and interactive fun including snapshots of rare animals from around the world.

Here's a site for junior fish and wildlife biologists -- the kids corner at the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. It offers information about endangered and threatened species, how kids can help, plus creature features, risky critters game and more.

Kids who want to learn more about their brains, the nervous system, the senses, and even find experiments, activities and games to help them learn about the nervous system can check out Neuroscience for Kids!

For junior archaeologists, the Univ. of PA Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology offers fun and games with Egyptian Hieroglyphs, Babylonian Cuneiform, discovering a past life, ancient mystery objects, and custom-made museum postcards.

Attention aspiring meterologists, you can make a blizzard, or turn a sunny day into a windy day at Interactive Weather Maker.

There are no bags to pack for a visit to Camp Wacki Kooki -- just plenty of  fun and games here like creating Wacki Creatures, creating wacky stories with Wacki-Libs, parents and teachers are allowed here, too.

Smithsonian Magazine presents the Kids’ Castle where the young and the curious can journey to the South Pole, see the Hope Diamond or sunspots, learn about Painted Ladies in space, and get Matt and Maynerd’s view of the world.

There's fun and entertainment "just for middle school kids" with terrific web sites from Eastchester Middle School with classic games, word games, crittercam chronicles, cosmic yo-yo and lots more.

McGruff the Crime Fighting Canine – Offers games like bike safety, silly and dangerous things, “what if” games, and also tips on how to deal with a bully!

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