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Quick psychological pick-me-up, mood enhancers, free e-card greetings, quotes and inspiration to improve your outlook, renew a battered spirit, or to get or give  encouragement and support:

Do you want to "be inspired to new lows," or "dare to be average?"  The Demotivators help "increase success by lowering expectations." Be warned, is brimming with belly laughs.  Celebrate "the art of idiocy." Check out the "underperformance awards." A real mood-changer worth the side trip!

Just gazing at this magnificent and tranquil image will soothe what ails youCheck the artist's web site for additional offerings that uplift the world-weary.
..a worthwhile adventure.

Take your mind to a lovely place
-- choose a virtual meditation slide show to lush landscapes, wonderful  waterfalls, mighty mountains or serene snow scenes.  You can view digital oil paintings, read relaxing poetry or try breathing exercises, or pause to check out the stress stoppers.

Change the pace at the exploratorium, where you can stare at the fading dot, check out the bird in a cage, and look into the other exhibits.

Take a quiet virtual stroll through a museum in London, or Victoria, Canada, or the National Aquarium in Baltimore or a botanical garden in Missouri.

Need a time out at a mental playground?  Spend a few carefree minutes creating a digital sand art masterpiece.  Sure it's kidsplay, but it's also refreshingly soothing.

Doodle away your worries -- literally.  Doodle-Matic lets you doodle around endlessly, creating millions of possible combinations of your own cartoon character drawing.

Get mellow and play with color to relax.  All it takes is moving a mouse to create your own intuitive painting with an interactive painter...a soothing diversion with a colorful, lava-like feel.

If all else fails, this pick-me-up boosts any sagging psyche!  You'll be prompted to enter your name, then sit back and smile.

Here's a quick psychological pick-me-up at Creative Quotations -- they specialize in quotes that get folks re-energized.

Get some inspiration and motivation from Cyber Quotations -- over 24,000 quotations so there's bound to be some quotes to float your boat.

The Book of Cliches includes phrases to say in times of trouble, during life's painful situations, when you're looking for truth, can't make a decision, when you're afraid or lonely, plus cliches on cliches.

In these trying times, here's a multi-faith community where you can seek inspiration, gain spiritual strength, understand your neighbors' religions, and connect in a peaceful environment.  All religions are welcome at Beliefnet, from Buddhism, Christianity, and Islam, to Hinduism, Judaism, and earth-based. 

From one of the most life-affirming voices in the media today, why not send someone an "O to Go" e-card -- an online greeting featuring Oprah Winfrey's favorite quotes, spoken in her own voice to help encourage those you care about.

Let someone know how important they are to you -- acknowledge a milestone with a pat on the back, inspire someone, or offer a gracious "thank you."

A lovely selection of free e-cards awaits you at Hallmark, and the sentiments are nicely done to help you mend fences, remember an anniversary, or just keep in touch.

When you want to send a sentiment and words detract from your message, try the "cool effects" section of GoGoCards as a soothing alternative.

Or, design your own free e-greeting card, with special effects, right here at RudeBusters!  Send an un-birthday, don't sweat the small stuff, hang in there, well done, follow your dreams, or other occasion card.

Send a missing you, cheer up, or even an excuse card at Webshots who offer both e-cards and e-postcards.

Don't take it personally, but if you're in a rut be sure to take a chill break at How to keep an idiot busy.

Don't get mad -- get Shakespearean!  When you're using Shakespearean insults, it's a safe bet that it's a better way to vent than using common expletives.  There are numerous modifiers and verbs from which thou may chooseth.

The De Anza College Health Office, which like RudeBusters! is committed to stress reduction, turns the tables and offers 20 suggestions on "How To Stay Stressed!"  It's funny and allows us to chuckle at ourselves.

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