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Empowered self-reliant DIY guy
Do-it-yourself empowerment, how-to advice, fix, build, remodel, repair, home improvement, arts & crafts, automotive, gardening, etc. tips and tricks, online answers from experts, plus kits, chats, workshops, and solutions from A to Z:

Whether you're thinking about a do-it-yourself project, or need a little inspiration, helps with arts & crafts, automotive, budget decorating, glorious makeovers, garden projects, cool tools, recreation and hobbies -- a virtual storehouse of ideas and tips!

You've come to the right place for everything you ever wanted to know about power tools -- and anything else!  If you want to build, remodel, repair, fix, install, plant, prune, tune-up, remove, weatherize, panel, cement, snake, drill, secure or refinish it, AND save money at the same time, chances are you’ll find tips, tricks, advice and more for your do-it-yourself projects. 

Also for do-it-yourselfers, get full text articles on the A to Z of home maintenance and repair with help on water treatment, stain removal, pests, care and cleaning of surfaces and flooring, etc.

Ask Mr. Fix-It the next time you're stumped...Q&A topics from basements to windows, roofing, electrical, home improvement gypsies, and mold.

Need a quick guesstimate of what new carpeting will cost?  Check this carpet calculator from the Star Tribune.

How many gallons of daffodil breath yellow satin latex paint do you need to paint your kitchen?  Find out with the Flex Bon paint calculator.  Or try the wall, ceiling and exterior paint calculator from PPG

Answers to your questions -- any questions -- can be found at the oldest and largest free Q & A service on the Internet.  AllExperts is staffed by thousands of volunteers who cover everything from recreation, gadgets and hobbies, to pets, relationships and careers.

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