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Mindless moments, dumb diversions, comic dialects, useless stories, bizarre holidays, bozo criminals, wordplay, anagram fun, your birthday, puns, elevator games and silly stuff to soothe frazzled nerves -- so have some laughs, go fly a kite, or take a side trip away from your worries, with a laugh guarantee

There's plenty to entertain you and soothe frazzled nerves at the Barking Spider.  Like fun elevator games, church bulletin bloopers, courtroom humor, and etch-a-sketch tech support for starters.   "Good clean fun" with a "100% Laugh Guarantee."

Here's an award-winning site designed to transport you far away from the daily grind.  Ze's boredom-busting playground is brimming with interactive activities, hilarious videos -- plenty of guffaws, chuckles, FUN! 

If there was ever a site designed to make your worries vanish, this one's it -- go to Whoohoo and see what makes you Whoohoo!  Don't miss Opera Baby.  And The Most Beautiful Flower is an unforgettable detour that will inspire and touch you.   Some of the Martha Stewart spoofs are a Whoohoo, too!

Like to play with words?  Translate text or web pages into any one of several comic dialects -- even this web page is hilarious in Cockney, Pig Latin, or Redneck.  Besides the Dialectizer, there are idiotic warning labels, computer stupidities, book-a-minute, a laugh riot for lovers of language.

Put a little pun in your life!  For a quick change of mental venue, go to Pun of the Day.  No shortage of puns here -- all listed by category.  Some punny stuff, folks.

Don't be absane. And don't anxiousize. We'll have a nonversation about it... See Witwords Fictionary and even coin your own fictional witty word.  

For those who just love Alanis Morissette, you can now write catchy songs just like she does.  Just fill out the form and the Alanis Morissette Random Lyric Generator does the rest.

Got time for some totally useless and totally fascinating stories? There's the Matchstick Man, the Electric Pickle, or America's First Toilet Paper Shortage. It's said that all are true... 

You know it and everyone else knows it: we've got a few really dumb laws!  So do other countries. Also check out the dumb bumpers, dumb criminal acts, and more. 

Still not tired of really stupid criminal stories? Then spend some time with Dave Moreland's Bozo Criminal of the Day.  They say the stories come from reputable sources, and it's easy to see you can't make this stuff up.

Quick, what day is today? Youíll find the answer at the Bizarre American Holidays page celebrating occasions such as Rocky Road Day, Ask a Stupid Question Day, and you can find holidays chronologically or by category. 

Welcome to Cooking with High Voltage, where they push the envelope of food preparation and blast it with high-voltage electricity!

Jelly beans that can put hair on your chest?  Yes, if they're Helly JellyJelly bean flavors like deli mustard and bacon -- plus recipes.  A laugh riot.

"Welcome to the National Driver's License Records Bureau web site - where you can search our online database of over 220 million U.S. driver's license photos and driver's license information currently on file, absolutely FREE."  Trust us, would we steer you wrong?

Here's a collection of stories and anecdotes about clueless computer users -- no doubt from tech support personnel (we have one in the family) who find our Computer Stupidities amusing.  Admittedly, it's funny.

What's your Soup Personality?  What does your favorite color say about you?  What profession would you have been in during medieval times?  If you've got the time, University of Life has the Fun Tests. (They have some serious tests, too, if you have the inclination.)

Wanna test yourself some more?  Have infinite patience with an infinite variety of tests?  Get thee to the just-for-the-fun-of-it fun tests at Queendom.

You just won't believe some of the stuff recorded during real trials by courtroom reporters.  Disorder in the Court lets you laugh your stress away.

The University of Oklahoma Police Department suggests that if you witness a crime, you should report it. You also have the right to make a "Citizen's Arrest."  So if YOU commit a crime, it saves tax dollars if you simply fill out the Citizen's Self-Arrest Form!

Want to know what happened on your birthday?  Or if anything important took place on this day in automotive, Civil War, technology, or Wall Street history? Do some time traveling. 

The clock watcher's dream come clocks, counters, calendars, and countdown to New Year 2003 or any other date, it's all here.

Play Mad Libz, join in the fun at Asinine Storylines, or check out the Cartoon Machine at Humor Search

How many new words can you make of your name?
Or try jumbling a favorite phrase. Have some anagram fun, but watch out, itís addictive. While you're there, try palindromes, spoonerisms and oxymora, too!

Here's a new twist on the potato head game.  Just pick your veggie -- or apple -- dress it up, and play away your tension.  A little silliness from the Apple Corps goes a long way to busting stress.

Go fly a kite!  But first, make it yourself Ė everything you need to need to know to build your own simple kite is here with a listing of basic parts, materials needed, instructions and tips.

Kite flying with children is a great way to spend any day.  So here's another kite site so everyone can join in the simple art of kite making.

We no longer recommend Oriental Trading.

Can't enough of Dilbert?
  At his official website, you'll find Dilbert in many, many forms, together with Dogbert and coworkers, plus a comic archive, and links to other cartoonists as well.

Special thanks to Dave Minott and Art Kendy for numerous site suggestions.

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