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Happy stress-free game guy

Online games, web jokes and brain teasers, instant stress beaters,  fall-down funny humor -- so toy with these wacky ways to unwind

Is di-hydrogen monoxide (dhmo) something you should worry about?*  Find out at  (*Relax, it's just a parody)

Take your mind off your troubles and lose yourself in the Fun Zone.  There's lots to do -- hundreds of free games and Brain Teasers, there's also the Freebie Zone, Astrology Zone, Kids Zone, arcade games, "over 10,000 things to do."

Shed some stress and chill with cool games like Snowball Village, Cranky Crab, Pocketful of Stars, Bum Bum Koala and more, brought to you by Orisinal.

Like the satisfaction of popping bubble wrap?  Need to kill some time?  Waste away the hours with Perpetual Bubblewrap!

If you feel like you wanna smite someone, here's a chance to toss some thunderbolts.  Punish the heretics who are looting your temple and, if you're fast enough, you can bless the believers.

Take a break and enjoy some of Mark Fiore's collection of very funny animated political cartoons.

The Blip
offers "one of those rotating ship shooting asteroids games you've seen a billion times"...but it's fun. So is the Sumo wrestler and their other free games.

Whether you're a Pisces, Libra, or Gemini, you could probably use a chuckle right about now.  So get your Daily Humorscope!

Think you've got problems?
  Give Camp Counselor Bob a hand riding his ski biscuit through treacherous waters, play with Experimental Penguins -- or enjoy the other fun challenges here.

So, really, why did the chicken cross the road?  Lots of reasons -- from George Bush, Martha Stewart, Bill Gates, Martin Luther King Jr., Aristotle, Captain Kirk, the LAPD, and others!

Relax right here
. There's Stress Relief Paintball, Dancing Dubya or Dancing PM Tony Blair, lots of games like Whack a Ground Hog, Monster Sumo and plenty of other fun going on. 

Enjoy giving British PM Tony Blair a real workout while all you have to do is just move your cursor!

And have you seen Dubya on the dance floor?  You get to control the President's moves!

NEW! For anyone who needs a spark in their day, check out this new fireworks display -- you're the pyrotechnic director here.

For grownups who want to just de-stress for a few minutes -- try Boneland's Stress Relief Aquarium or their whacko "Alcohol and Ammo" interactive cartoon.  (Note: this site has numerous popup ads.)

We no longer recommend Oriental Trading.

Still annoyed about the presidential election?  Relax and distort the former candidates. 

This list of resources would not be complete without a link to Rodney Dangerfield, the ultimate authority on getting respect.

Special thanks to Dave Minott and Art Kendy for numerous site suggestions.

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