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For your consideration:
"How Rude!: The Teenagers' Guide to Good Manners, Proper Behavior, and Not Grossing People Out" by Alex J.,PhD. Packer & Pamela Espeland


Also for your consideration:
Multicultural Manners: Essential Rules of Etiquette for the 21st Century
by Norine Dresser 




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Wedding etiquette guides for brides, dating etiquette, adoption etiquette, sushi & hot dog etiquette, dojo etiquette, dog and cat etiquette, etiquette for gift giving, driving, moving, casinos, tea time, fishing, boating, golf, audiences, dancing, yard-sales, love letters, camping, tipping and, pardon us, bathroom etiquette:

From the etiquette of the wedding dance, including the "money dance" which originated in Poland, and information on wedding customs and traditions, to how to write a thank-you card -- complete with do's and don'ts and ideas for suggested wording to acknowledge gifts, this site offers some helpful wedding etiquette advice.

This wedding etiquette site also features a snippet on the history of wedding courtship, beginning with marriage by capture, kidnapping and marriage by arrangement.  Lots of wedding etiquette advice, including who does what. 

How do you properly cut a tiered wedding cake? From heart-shaped to hexagonal, here's how to successfully cut a wedding cake. Learn these pointers before you say, "I Do".

How should divorced parents be seated at a wedding?  From New Zealand Weddings, what you need to know about having divorced parents at the wedding. Hopefully your parents will do the right thing and not put up too much of a fuss. Here are tips on how to get through it in the simplest way possible.

And what do you serve at a non-alcoholic wedding reception?  Raise your glasses and toast the “drinking man’s nonalcoholic drink.” Some cool non-alcoholic drink suggestions for the alcohol-free wedding reception.

To have or have not alcohol at the wedding reception? Click here for some more quick and tasteful suggestions. 

Wedding Etiquette. A venue where cultural backgrounds and individual convictions heavily influence the decision-making. Nevertheless, this link provides a helpful, quite exhaustive tip sheet that helps with who pays for what.

Another site with help for who pays for what at the etiquette advice for wedding tipping, mother of the groom, mother of the bride, maid of honor, best man, the wedding dance, the invitation, and more.

If a second wedding, second marriage, or vow renewal is something you've been planning, there is some etiquette advice for you here that might prove to be helpful -- from I Do, Take Two.

People give gifts for lots of reasons.  And if you're in a position where business or corporate gift giving is tied to cementing business relationships, here's some "culturally savvy" advice on international gift giving etiquetteSome tips apply in personal relationships, too.

Gift giving at work between co-workers, bosses and employees could get tricky, with stepping on toes, gag gift faux pas, corporate gift bans and other pitfalls.  Here are some office gift giving etiquette tips.

Holiday gift giving in the office can be like trying to navigate a minefield. The key is to be tasteful, thoughtful, and above all, appropriate. Here are some holiday gift giving etiquette tips for co-workers.

And a few more holiday office gift giving etiquette tips; workplace do's and don'ts to help you survive the season.

More about the unspoken etiquette of holiday workplace are 11 tips to help you indulge your co-workers in the holiday spirit without running afoul of the law or good taste, direct from the Washington Post.

Wow, the Emily Post Institute hits it out of the park with this helpful holiday gift-giving etiquette primer.

Etiquette for Dating
covers issues like curfew, refusing a date, who pays for what,, running short of money, the first date, who drives, and also check out the history of etiquette and phone etiquette while you're there.

More teen dating etiquette advice from Dr. Dave and Dr. Dee who offer 10 Tips to Making a Good Impression.

Get a short and sweet history of etiquette, the scoop on dating etiquette for teens and more.

When you decide the time is right to express your feelings for that special woman or man, here are a few creative ideas to help you write your love letter -- and 38 words that may help!  The love letter you write should come from the heart:  just one of many love letter etiquette tips.

If you'd like to be prepared when discussing adoption, here are some adoption etiquette guidelines with tips on things not to say.

"There is something about taking tea that tends to tame our less-civilized nature and draw us back to the days when we treated one another with kindness and consideration."  Take a brief respite with tea time etiquette.

Probably the only remaining sport without spitting, choking, punching, shouting, and blood-letting, golf is a game where etiquette is extremely important.  In fact, it's the etiquette players show one another that distinguishes golf from other sports.  Mr. Golf provides a rich, outstanding site for golf etiquette advice.

Speaking of golf etiquette,
here are seven rules for success on the links.

Eating out is more popular than ever, but in order for the experience to be a pleasant one, there needs to be mutual respect between waitstaff and patrons so that everyone benefits from dining out. So have yourself a helping of these Top 10 Points of Restaurant Etiquette.

Tipping is an option, not a must. Tipping isn't required, though it is a social custom, and is used to convey your satisfaction with services rendered. If you're unsure about the etiquette of what to tip, stop here for some "tips" on tipping etiquette, together with a 15% and 20% chart to help you with the math!

From our friends across the pond, BBC's outstanding primer on international tipping etiquette includes tipping advice for many situations and they cover 14 countries. (If you need to convert British pounds, or any other currency, just go to and select the currency converter.)

On the subject of tipping, what's the proper etiquette at casinos of when to tip or not to tip?  The Casino Guru answers the most commonly asked questions about tipping the dealer at gaming tables. And for a primer on casino etiquette, the Guru's got a few tips for you.

A bit of advice to help you master the art of gambling etiquette: "understand the rules before you sit down." Actually, whether you've played a table game before or not, here are some gambling protocol basics from the Wizard of Odds so you don't have to learn the hard way -- now everyone can have a good time.

Casino faux pas are always a hot topic. Two Gaming Gurus sound off -- Minding Your (Casino) Table Manners and Etiquette: A Little Does a Lot.

Here are ten "Golden Rules" for opera lovers and concert hall goers. When audience members observe the DOs and DON'Ts of audience etiquette, everyone can enjoy the evening's performance.

"Karate begins and ends with courtesy and respect." We respectfully offer Dojo Etiquette for serious students.

For sushi newbies and lovers alike, the Sushi Chronicles offers some rules to remember on sushi etiquette, and while you're stopping by, be sure to check out types of sushi, the history of sushi and vocabulary.

Here's a list of travel tips and etiquette for dogs and their owners. Dogs aren't allowed in certain places, so as you plan your trip, this is a good place to start for dog travel etiquette.

More pet travel etiquette tips for the jet set pet are offered by Pets On the Go -- pet etiquette suggestions that pet owners can follow to make others more comfortable with their pet.

Trail Manners for Dogs and Their Owners follows the front yard rule: "only behavior that is acceptable in our front yard is acceptable on open space trails." In other words, good canine manners do matter when it comes to wildlife and other trail users.

How about a little tongue-in-cheek "Rules of Etiquette for Inexperienced Cats".  A real hoot, right on target.

Even back in 1958 when the Edsel was burning rubber, good manners and "time-honored etiquette" while driving were suggested and drivers reminded that, "While in your car you should behave just as you would in your own homeFord Motor Company believes that if you practice the suggestions made here, you are proving you are a grown-up driver."

The Flag Code formalizes traditional ways in which we respect the flag.  Flag etiquette also includes how the flag is not to be used.

The Connecticut Society of the Sons of the American Revolution provide additional background on the flag of the U.S. and flag etiquette.

Rude in the woods?
  Being a good neighbor is a big part of staying at campgrounds. You need to be considerate of other campers, and you have the right to consideration from others.  Some of us aren't as thoughtful on a family camping excursion as we ought to be.  Here are a few camping etiquette pointers, including the most basic common courtesies that apparently we're not extending to each other in the great outdoors.  Is that Mother Nature getting tearful?

Many campgrounds have rules posted around camp. It is best to observe them if they are posted. Here are some tips on being a good neighbor, even when there are no officially posted rules of camping etiquette. And have the whole family take the Tread Lightly Pledge!

Making minimal impact, taking your trash, controlling pets, leave it better than you found it, just common sense courtesies when picnicing and camping. Here's a helpful list of camping etiquette do's and don'ts, plus other helpful outdoors tips.

Hot diggity, it's Hot Dog Etiquette.  Learn the dos, don'ts, and how-tos of applying condiments, wrapping hot dogs in buns, and even a little history on wieners, types of dogs, hot dogs of the world, and more!

Eat your hot dog correctly, with pride and confidence. Some more hot dog etiquette.

From the Arizona Daily Star, some hot dog etiquette do's and don'ts for eating "America's sacred food."

Subjects like talking in the bathroom, hanging toilet paper, an online guide to urinal etiquette are provided by the International Center for Bathroom Etiquette.

What's moving day etiquette?  It's about the last impression you make upon your neighbors as you move out, and the first impression you make on new neighbors moving in -- and some stuff in between, including rewarding volunteers who helped you move without being bribed.

Whether your boat is underway, anchoring, mooring, docking at a marina or cruising with guests or friends, there are rules for the waterways, manners for marinas, and boating etiquette tips for getting along with boating neighbors in order to have safe and pleasant boating experiences.

As more and more people seek to enjoy water sports, river etiquette, and common considerations, become more important. These "rules of the river" will make paddling more enjoyable for you and others who share the river. Remember, we are all out there for the same reason - to play and have fun!

One famous fisherman quipped, "If your job interferes with your ability to fish, then quit your job." There is a code of conduct for real fishermen (who may or may not show up for work sometimes), so here's some fishing etiquette for those who fish from a boat, from the water, or from the shore.

For fly fishermen, reel in these common sense etiquette tips for anglers on and off the river. Also check out this link.

For back-packers, hikers, campers and nature lovers, here's some basic information on proper back country Bear Etiquette (for the protection of both bears and humans.)

Dance faux pas to be avoided by women and dance faux pas to be avoided by men are some of the tips included in the simple rules of ballroom dance etiquette.

"Rules of the Road:  Country Western Dance Floor Etiquette -- it all boils down to just being friendly, polite. and respectful to other dancers and using a little common courtesy."

Here's a little Victorian era etiquette for the Ball Room -- what's a lady to do?

What's the proper dance floor etiquette for line and country and western dance?  The same rules that apply when you're "Two Steppin or Waltzin." 

Yard sale etiquette!  You bet: with "buyer's blunders" and "seller's tips" these yard sale etiquette guidelines help everyone have a good time!


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