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For your consideration:
"Social Graces: Manners, Conversation, and Charm for Today," by Ann Platz and Susan Huey Wales



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Good manners, politeness, courtesy, respect -- could it be the only place to find them is in the dictionary?  Some serious and playful etiquettes quizzes and manners tests may be the place for all of us to start!  Plus,
quotations on respect and manners, and some old-fashioned politeness:

USA Today
offers a comprehensive workplace and job center page with advice on "surviving office life." Under the "Strategies" heading, you'll find a fun, interactive etiquette quiz:  "Are your manners holding you back?" Also lots of other help here on communicating, an "are you burned out" quiz, and plenty more helpful stuff! 

"Are you the office oaf?" 
Test your etiquette skills at the Emily Post Institute.

Ladies Home Journal
asks the question: "are you careless or considerate" in several sensitive situations?  Take the manners quiz.

Good manners give you an edge over other job seekers who are not as polished.  Take the job-hunting etiquette quiz to brush up on job-seeker protocol.

Are you a potential new hire or just another resume?  Emily Post has a quiz to help you test your job-seeker's etiquette intelligence.

The nuances of nasty and nice e-mail are covered in this email etiquette quiz to see how email friendly you are.

From etiquette expert Peggy Post, you can find out how savvy you are when using e-mail and instant messengers by taking the Netiquette quiz. 

Along with success skills and tips for success, the Bucks County Community College also offers an online netiquette quiz.

For recent grads
looking to land a dream job, business etiquette can be tricky.  For instance, you've forgotten a lunch with a business associate.  Or, the waiter's approaching to serve wine and you don't want any.  You turn your glass upside down -- are you correct?  Making the right moves can make a big difference -- test your business etiquette.  

San Diego State University's Career Services Online Tutorial invites you to take a business etiquette quiz.

Do you have the savvy civility to pass Miss Manner's etiquette quiz?

Who's the first to initiate a handshake?  Should you use your cell phone at a business meal? When can you talk business at a business lunch?  Take the quiz.

You accidentally spill food on your client at lunch.  Quick, what should you do?  Test your business etiquette and also check the 13 business etiquette tips, too.)

This business etiquette quiz lets you know if you're a goofus or a gallant -- do you dazzle with marvelous manners or get under everyone's skin?

What do you do when you spot unusual utensils at your place setting?  Where do you put your purse while dining at a restaurant?  Check your etiquette IQ.

For parents -- and kids ages five and up -- take the table manners quiz and see how your family measures up. And check the nine steps to good table manners. 

iVillage asks the question: Are you helping or hurting your child's behavior?  "Kids don't misbehave in a vacuum -- their actions are a result of what they've learned from you as a parent." Take this quiz to find out how the climate in your home can affect your child's behavior.

Careful Katie's Manners Quiz helps teach the right thing to do when it comes to sharing, being thoughtful, being responsible, not eating with your mouth full, and other etiquette pointers -- for children of all ages

"Are your kids barbarians or well mannered ladies and gentlemen?" This question, together with tips and resources for teaching children manners, good sportsmanship, plus manners quizzes are at Manners for Kids (and Parents) provided by the Family Education Network. 

Are you minding your manners as well as your muscles at the gym?  This gym etiquette quiz lets you test your good behavior at the health club.

When was the last time you ran into a beach etiquette quiz?  Here's one for the ladies.  And here's one for the gentlemen.

Before you step onto the green, take the golf etiquette quiz..

A good hostess tries to make her guests feel comfortable.  Here's a quiz to discover your party planning personality: "Are You a Great Hostess?"

Holy makeover -- take the My Fair Lady etiquette quiz and test your knowledge of 20th century etiquette.

For a comprehensive collection of quotations on civility, values, anger, respect, and more, may we politely suggest you visit the quote library of the Josephson Institute of Ethics.  

Here are some more  quotes on the subject of manners which are offered to inspire and motivate you.

What fun... from a 1922 Emily Post "Etiquette in Society, in Business, in Politics and at Home" opus you get salutations on the street and in public, chaperons, fundamentals of good behavior, party giving tips, and plenty of other deportment guidelines.

Here's another nostalgic walk down etiquette lane -- "A Manual of Etiquette" by Daisy Eyebright.  Published decades ago, its basic premise still holds true: "Etiquette has been defined as a code of laws which binds society together...Manners are what vex or soothe, corrupt or purify, exalt or debase, barbarize or refine...They give their whole form and color to our lives."

Etiquette's hot! ( offers well over 1,700 books on etiquette!) Check out the American Memory Library of Congress and take a side trip to 19th Century self-help and self-improvement books online.  Works cover commonsense politeness, courtesy, and hints on boosting personal gentility. 

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