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Symptoms and types of depression in adults and kids, causes, treatments, depression and suicide, mood and sleep disorders, psychology self-help, common misconceptions about depression, help for someone you care about, things to say or do, when and where to turn for help, a depression forum to make you smile -- and remember, you are not alone:

The goal of Internet Mental Health is to improve understanding, diagnosis and treatment of mental illness -- and it offers authoritative descriptions of the 54 most common disorders that affect adults and kids.  You'll also find articles, links and discussions, plus descriptions of the 72 most common psychiatric drugs.

Check out the outstanding Self-Help Sourcebook to connect with real-life support groups and networks, with hundreds of toll-free numbers for self-help with suicide, depression, alcohol recovery, trauma, cancer, crisis, rape and incest, runaways, organ transplants, and national organizations standing by to help you.

In any given one-year period, one in every ten of us suffers from a depressive illness -- which causes pain and suffering not only for those with a disorder, but also to those who care about them.  Unfortunately, too many people don't recognize that depression is a treatable illnessHere's how to help yourself, where to get help, and much more.

This depression screening test is meant to be used for personal screening only from PlanetPsych.  They also offer a world of self-help information on relaxation, group support, disorders, treatments, and the role of humor as having a curative effect on mental and emotional disorders when we laugh and enter our fun zone.

Nearly two-thirds of depressed people do not get appropriate treatment because their symptoms are not recognized, are blamed on personal weakness, are so disabling that people can't reach out for help, or are misdiagnosed and wrongly treated...symptoms like morale problems, accidents, complaints of being tired all the time, unexplained aches and pains, or alcohol/drug abuse. Link up for self-tests, resources, free meds, plus.

Here's how to help a friend who feels "down" or discouraged...from the National Institute of Mental Health: What to do When a Friend is Depressed.

The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign's Counseling Center offers symptoms and causes of depression, thing to do to help yourself, things to avoid, and how to help some, and suggested for intervening with a depressed friend.

Dr. Ivan K. Goldberg offers a site that is rich with information at Depression Central -- including hints for speeding your recovery, help with understanding, defining and treating depression, trade and generic names of psychiatric medications and much, much more.  You'll find lots of help here.

If you or someone you know is depressed, you are not alone.  In fact, depression in its various forms (insomnia, fatigue, anxiety, stress, vague aches and pains, etc.) is the most common complaint heard in doctors' offices. This helpful and reassuring site is important to you or someone you know. 

Depression manifests itself in many ways.  You sleep, but you do not rest.  You eat, but you are not hungry.  Your life is one big chore.  Everything that was fun is now work.  You think about what you have got to do wish you could put it off forever.  And think about what could go wrong, and how you could never live like this for 30 more years.  Stop here for some insights and help.

This report from the Surgeon General deal with depression and suicide in children and adolescents.  Sadly, suicide is the third leading cause of death among mid-adolescents.  And the evidence is strong that over 90% of children and adolescents who commit suicide have a mental disorder.  Here's how to recognize the signs and intervene.

Teen Advice Online
has a wealth of articles written by TAO counselors, a team of volunteers from a vast array of countries, who cover all sorts of life experiences and relationships, including depression and disorders -- ages 13 and beyond, volunteers are devoted to helping teens sort things out.

Depressive illness is among the most common and destructive of illnesses prevalent in the US today.  Researchers have demonstrated that it results from biochemical imbalances in the brain.  And more than 80% of those suffering from depressive illness can be treated with medication. 

The Help Center at the American Psychological Association's site helps you "talk to someone who can help.

"Tell your friends: depression is not a moral weakness, nor mental sloth, but a true brain disease that can be successfully treated."  An interview in The Harvard Mahoney Neuroscience Institute Letter -- "On the Brain."

For a host of reasons, people suffering with depression don't want to go to a psychiatrist -- partly because our society still harbors ignorance about psychiatrists.  So maybe we feel a sense of shame, or fear, or worry about our careers, or hope we can think our way out of it.  Here's what a patient feared and faced -- we hope it helps.

Medical treatment of depressive disorders introduces lots of new terms that are hard to keep track of -- WebMD offers a handy glossary to help explain some of the medical language.

Anxiety disorders
like panic disorders, phobias, and others are covered, together with valuable resources, at the National Institute of Mental Health's site in order to better understand conditions, treatments for disorders that can disrupt your life.

Here’s an invaluable psychology self-help site that offers information and links about specific disorders related to psychology like Alzheimer's, eating disorders, ADD, depression, mood and sleep disorders, substance abuse, trauma and more.

Mixed Nuts is a depression chat forum that's a haven for people who suffer from depression and need to be with others who understand..  But Mixed Nuts is a different type of forum that tries to offer a less depressing type of chat experience.  They take a humorous self-help approach to dealing with problems, so along with plenty of information, they offer silliness, jokes, and some smiles!

The information provided on this site is designed to inform you and support, not replace, your relationship with your doctor.