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Consumer complaining

Be an informed consumer -- where to complain when you're taken advantage of, fight back, dispute consumer problems, locate companies to resolve complaints, consumer assistance organizations, government agencies, publications and databases, corporate abuses, CEO greed, consumer watchdogs -- they're all on your side:

Whether you're being "mouse-trapped" (a website traps you so you can't get back), worry about "bargain travel prices," need a consumer agency or online customer service help, Consumer World: Everything Consumer is a public service, non-commercial guide to consumer rights with over 2000 of the most useful resources.
offers real-world help for consumers with a directory of consumer assistance organizations, telemarketing laws, tools to trace junk e-mail and more. 

Before you shop online, check Safe Shopping, created by the American Bar Association and brimming with sound advice to protect yourself from unscrupulous e-merchants, protect your privacy, the security of your transaction, get password advice and more helpful tips.

U.S. PIRG is there for consumer concerns like privacy and ID theft, toy safety, and when consumers are victims of private greed, and much more.

If you've been disappointed by a company that's less than enthusiastic about providing good service and standing behind their products, and if you feel they've earned it, enter them into the Rogues Gallery. If you know of a company that provides good products and good service, nominate those Good Guys!

Got a gripe?  Go to Gripenet.  You can file a complaint or search other gripes.  Here's a public arena for when you've been suckered, sold defective products, or are upset about a business transaction.

To make an inquiry about a business, or try to resolve a consumer complaint, click here to find a local Chamber of Commerce to contact for answers. 

This Better Business Bureau mother lode leads you to the BBBs that serve your state and offers dispute resolution info, news and alerts, lets you check out a company or charity and file a complaint. 

Track down corporations, national consumer organizations, trade associations and more – thousands of names, addresses, phone numbers, e-mails, and URLs plus consumer tips and advice in the Federal Consumer Information Center’s Consumer Action Handbook online. 

One of the key missions of The Federal Trade Commission is to work for consumer protection.  Get lots of consumer info on 150 topics, Internet health fraud help, consumer alerts, and file a complaint online. 

The FCC's Consumer & Governmental Affairs Bureau is your resource for problems with wired and wireless telephones, TV and cable, radio, satellite, and the Internet.

If you or someone you know has an investment-related problem or complaint, go to NASD Regulation, Inc., a subsidiary of the National Assoc. of Securities Dealers, which oversees virtually all U.S. stockbrokers and brokerage houses.  Their helpful site includes a glossary, too.

Also for securities and investment problems, check the North American Securities Administrators Assoc., the oldest international organization devoted to investor protection.  A voluntary association, they have members in the 50 states and provide useful info and links to help protect you from securities fraud.

The National Association of Attorneys General gets you in touch with your state's attorney general, and offers the latest news, features and other helpful information. 

The International Web Police is the largest crime fighting agency on the Internet with police officers and concerned citizens located in 61 countries around the world; they investigate crimes such as child abuse, stalking, destructive hacking, and more. 

Lemon Law America helps you get rid of your lemon.  The laws that protect your consumer rights vary from state to state, so just click on the state where you purchased the vehicle or defective consumer product.

If you don't know where to write for birth, death, marriage and divorce certificates, the National Center for Health Statistics points you in the right direction.

Got a postal complaint?  Try Postal Watch, the Postal Service watchdog.  You can also make a comment or share some praise about the Postal Service.  

Hundreds of consumer publications
are available on myriad topics, and this Federal Consumer Information Center site also features scams and frauds, safety recalls, housing, travel, FAQ's, and a pleasant surprise, FirstGov for Kids. 

Ouch! While many Americans struggle to get by, CEO paychecks have climbed from 41 times the average manufacturing worker's salary in 1970, to 326-to-one in 1997.  Kudos to Congressman Martin Olav Sabo whose Income Equity Act would address this income gap that's mushroomed by 700%!

Greed is rude.  So how many hundreds or thousands of workers like yourself could just one annual CEO salary support?  Executive PayWatch questions excessive CEO salaries, bonuses and perks -- which continue to soar as more and more workers face layoffs.  As shareholders and consumers you can take action and join the e-campaign to stop runaway CEO pay. 

Because of the corporate meltdown and epidemic of executive fraud, the site featured above --AFL-CIO Pay Watch -- puts a spin on how millionaire CEOs make ends meet.  Games like Bet the Farm, Take the Money and Run, Greed and other "board games" try to make sense of corporate layoffs and CEO payoffs.

Corporate Watch is a watchdog organization that holds corporations accountable with campaigns,  investigative reports, research tools, and more to fight corporate abuses, and keep us informed of what's going wrong in the world we live in. 

Believe everything you see and hear in the news?  Somebody's got to keep the media honest.  Check in with Fairness & Accuracy in Reporting, the national media watch group.

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