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Quotations, online dictionaries, tongue twisters and more -- resources for bookworms, wordsmiths, lovers of the language, poets, and those at a loss for words:

That word's on the tip of your tongue?  Don't panic...the Internet Public Library Quotations Reference Page includes a vast offering of quotation collections, and also includes more specialized scientific, engineering, and movie quotes! 

Enjoy BrainyQuote -- it's got over 30,000 quotes by 8,000 authors from Aristotle to Zappa.  You can browse by author or by topic.

The Quotations Page is the oldest quotation site on the web and their database features over 15,000 quotations, Quotes of the Day, motivational quotes, and you can search by author and subject.

Get some Cyber Quotations-- over 24,000 quotations that include humor, and more and you can quote me.  

Welcome to the Biographical Dictionary with more than 28,000 notable men and women who have shaped our world.  You can search by birth years, death, years, positions, professions, achievements, and other key words. 

The Columbia Encyclopedia, Sixth Edition, awaits you with six and one-half million words with an alphabetic index of over 51,000 entries.

The One Look Dictionaries not have 746 online dictionaries indexed, and the wildcard helps your search, too.

Not everyone’s a spelling whiz. And we’re not all verbigerative. Quick, check out the Dictionary of Difficult Words and get help -- from A-Z, of course.

Or just type in a definition if you can't think of a word and let the reverse dictionary work for you.

Many foreign words and phrases are intermingled with the English language -- here's what they mean and how to spell them.

Looking for the definition of a term in a particular subject could be time consuming.  So here's what we all need -- a compendium of glossaries and topical dictionaries on many subjects from The Glossarist!

If you know a word that should be in the dictionary but isn't, submit it to pseudodictionary -- make up words and submit them as often as you like!

You never know when you’ll need a rhyming dictionary to express yourself. 

Or, try the RhymeZone, a rhyming dictionary and thesaurus from Lycos.

Flex that muscular organ in your mouth and try some of the 2,000+ battologisms -- here's the 1st international collection of Tongue Twisters with entries in 87 languages.

Holy page-turner, here’s a site with thousands of books online, offering 13,000+ listings, even a foreign language archive! 

Haven't got time to read but you love science fiction and fantasy?  Here's a collection of "ultra-condensed books" with everything from Tolkien to Dragonlance -- and here's the best part:  you can read entire books, entire series, in just one minuteIt's Book-a-Minute SF/F.

For a change of pace, some funny and amusing quotes from famous people -- and lots of 'em!

There's always the Sports Cliche List packed with cliches, jargon and sports lingo.

Wordplay anyone?  Here are dozens of sites that feature fun with words.

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