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Smart man
Be brilliant -- be smarter, know stuff, get sparked, be empowered, learn how stuff works, convert or measure anything, living and relocating calculators, crime and salary calculators, cool free clip art, resources to make you look like a genius on any topic:

Wanna do things you never learned in school? Like how to play poker, be a sitcom writer, throw a bachelor party, or flatten your abs? Get full-length explanations or mini-lessons on all sorts of situations and adventures -- even help with decorating your apartment or running a marathon at! 

The next time you turn on your blender or handheld game and start to wonder how it works, hereís a site that tells you how all kinds of stuff works -- a real jackpot for the chronically curious that includes how pool tables work, how car engines work and even how your brain works.

Know how to perform a tracheotomySurvive if your parachute fails to open?  Escape from quicksand?  Answers to these questions and more with how-to, hands-on, step-by-step instructions for great escapes can be found at WorstcaseScenarios.

Everyrule is for everyone -- this extremely useful site offers every rule on the planet for things like sports, board games, computer games, casino games, and more.

Sure, you know what "aficionado" means, but would you have spelled it with a double "f'?  We use familiar foreign words and phrases all the time and Information Please helps us use and spell them correctly.  Be sure to check their almanacs, atlas sources, homework center, famous firsts, world statistics, world flags, Fact Finder, it's a real goldmine for fact seekers.

To quickly translate foreign language text and web pages, Free Translation is fast and free.

The Solar System Distance Converter lets you convert miles, kilometers, astronomical units and light-time.

Donít be daunted
by centimeters, knots, mach, liters, kilograms, bytes, tablespoons, watts, hexadecimals, parsecs, or pounds. Now you can look like a genius and convert just about anything to anything else, translate phrases into pig Latin, test your typing speed, so much cool stuff. 

How far is twip? What's the difference between an "olf" and an "ohm"? How do you measure beer bitterness or a hair's-breadth?  Here's a highly recommended site that features metric units, viscosity grades -- scores of measuring terms that only a dictionary of units of measurement could provide. 
You can convert liquid equivalents, length, volume, energy, acceleration, velocity, and a lot more at

No rude surprises if you're planning to relocate or retire and are wondering about housing prices, communities, taxes, schools, average temperatures, etc. Just key in your criteria and be amazed. Check out the Salary Calculator, Lifestyle Optimizer, plus every type of "calculator" you can imagine -- including crime, community, and salary calculators -- right here.

Here's a calculator you may not see too often:  a calendar converter.  It allows you to interconvert dates in a variety of calendars -- the Gregorian calendar, Julian calendar, Hebrew calendar, Islamic calendar, Persian calendar, Mayan calendar, and others.  Whew!

For hardcore calculator junkies, how does having access to over 15,435 calculators sound?  From agriculture and horticulture, to blackjack and egyptology, this is a mega-calculator site.

Need clipart
for your next project?  Check out one of the most imaginative and useful free clip art sites on the web. offers superior free clip art images for special occasions, arts, fun stuff, business, education, fantasy, food and more.  PC Magazine praises them, too.  So be as creative and cool as you like. 

From dating and investing, to water sports and theme parks, Select Surf has a site map to get your motor running and take you to computer topics, travel topics, kid topics, music topics and more.

You never know when you'll need to remember a breakfast cereal character -- here are over 750 of them from the early 1900s to the present.

Here's your official Earthquake Glossary, plus image glossary and stuff for kids.

Acronyms drive you crazy?  Discover their hidden meanings!  Get over 288,000 definitions for acronyms, abbreviations and initialisms.

Get any area code for any area in the U.S. or Canada.

Stumped by a zip code?  You can find zip codes and cities within a telephone area code.

Got a phone number but don't know who it belongs to?  Try AnyWho's reverse lookup.

Where art thou cheesecake?  How long have we been chowing down on spuds?  From the Morris County Library in NJ, an outstanding Food Timeline (pork & beans in 7,000 BC) that's fascinating for grownups and terrific for students...dining through the decades, food history, old food prices, and splendid old recipes!

Help yourself to the Library of Congress's Today in History archive -- search the full text, by specific day or browse by month.  

Here's a comic twist to a scientific mainstay:  the table of condiments that periodically go bad.

What was the value of a dollar in 1895?  Here's a place where you can find out the purchasing power of the US dollar from 1665 to 2001.  Or inflation rates for the same time period. So how much is that?  You never know when you can use this stuff to freshen up a stuffy conversation.

National Geographic's mapping site includes products and links including crocodillians map, and Xpeditions, an education site featuring a printer-friendly atlas with over 1,600 ways to view the world.

You are in a spaceship leaving planet Earth to explore the universe.  Here's how to calculate astronomical distances.

For obvious reasons, this site's too good not to share:  "The Illustrated Guide to Breaking Your Computer." 

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