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Angry man taking anger test
Test your anger, test your resentment, test your impatience, take a violence quiz, and even test your road rage quotient, get along better with co-workers and bosses, improve relationships, improve your life: 

So much evidence points to the link between anger and mental stress, and the risk of having a heart attack -- here's an abstract from the Journal of Health Psychology which cautions that patients with higher levels of irritability/anger in response to an anger test were more likely to display ischemia, which indicates increased risk of heart attack.  We've listed some anger self tests below and offer our anger control resources page -- we hope it helps you or someone you know.

Measure your anger right now
...with the Anger Management Toolkit! You can also get some insight on children’s negative behavior, cope with co-workers and the boss, and other positive tips and relationship-building help.

The Psych-Net Mental Health site offers an anger personality quiz -- while it's professional, it's "for entertainment value only".  But at the very least it gives you food for thought.

Before you risk your health and relationships, hit your printer's "start" button and take the anger test, or resentment test, or impatience test.  All these uncontrolled emotions can ruin a marriage, be harmful to your kids, and even jeopardize your job and health.  See if you need to get real and take control.

Test your temper.  And while you're here, check your anger style, track your response to anger, and take advantage of the outstanding tips, suggestions, and advice to tame your anger and lower your stress -- from calming your commute to dealing with difficult people.  A wealth of Plainsense information awaits you.

WGBC offers an anger inventory test -- ask yourself the 32 questions and rate your feelings.

There are styles of anger -- the Mad Hatter, the Sulker, the Distractor, and others.  See more about anger, what it is, and why, and take the Anger Self Test from Selfhelp Magazine.

Here's an anger survey that asks why you get angry -- because someone disrespects you, is unfair to you -- how you handle anger, how often you feel angry and more about tempers and losing control.  Got the time? 

How's your anger?  Is it manageable?  Moderate?  Out of Control?  Take this test and find out.

An internationally-recognized consultant on increasing children's self-esteem and achievement, Dr. Michele Borba offers parents the "anger danger quiz" to help them tune into how their child handles frustrations and intervene if there's a problem.

Test your knowledge of school, domestic, gun and TV violence with this violence quiz.  Check out some self-help book excerpts on "teaching our children to be unhappy", "verbal bashing can lead to violence", and "how ingrained is the violence?"

An anger problem is any behavior that is hurtful to yourself or to another person.  Anger Alternatives helps you understand the indicators of an anger problem, anger definitions, and training programs, too.

For parents of troubled teens or difficult children, here's a test to see where you are -- it can serve as a point of reference in understanding the severity of the problems your teen is facing.

For teens, here's the Teen Relationship Website's that allows teens to ask themselves questions about anger and warning signs of abuse in how their partner treats them and how they treat their partner.

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