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Washington icon for citizens and taxpayers

Get Your Money's Worth -- Resources & "Insider" Stuff for Citizens & Taxpayers, Wake-Up Call to Washington, Direct Pipelines to Politicians, What Your Elected Officials Are Doing, What They're Taking, How They're Voting, Plus Tax Tips, Tax Breaks, Tax Glossary & Tax Humor

Wake-up Call to Washington -- help for working stiffs!  Citizen resources, voter empowerment, Senate and Congressional directories and hotlines, 
contact politicians, track their voting, hold special interests accountable, citizen advocates, "write your own bill," and learn trivia about American presidents 

Reduce your tax burden, tax breaks you're entitled to, learn tax strategies, get taxpayer advice, tips, and resources, tax forms, filing tips, investment help, 
tax and a financial glossary, tax topics and strategies, tax history, and even tax humor!

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