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"Tax the Rude, Not Me" cover

Looking for a few laughs?
See below for rave reviews from the national media for, "Tax The Rude, Not Me!"
Or, go to to learn more about it and see some five-star reviews!

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                                        “Very Hilarious"...“A Winner”...“Great Book”...“Very Therapeutic"...“A Stress Reliever"

                                  “A Lift-Me-Up Book”...“Very Clever”...“Wild”...“Really Funny”...“Hits Home”...“Easy Read”

“Taken seriously, TAX THE RUDE, NOT ME! could offer a blueprint for balancing the budget and paying off the national debt!”; “Hilarious, very clever collection 
of well-crafted observations.”

“This book is really funny!’; “Thanks for the chuckles!”
-- NEW YORK DAILY NEWS, Lenore Skenazy, New York, NY 

“This is your basic humor”; “It’s fun and it’s very therapeutic”; It’s nice to have a book like this to help us chill out.”
-- ESPN Radio, Larry Hughes Show, Larry Hughes, Hudson Valley, NY

“This is one of the funniest books I’ve ever laid my hands on.”
-- WRHU Radio, E.J., Hofstra University, Hempstead, NY

“For temporary relief of rudeness, check into TAX THE RUDE, NOT ME!”; “There’s nothing I read that I couldn’t relate hits home!”; “This book is very well 
put together, very clever and very easy reading”; “A good gift.”
-- WASO Radio, “Hot Talk”, Keith Rush, New Orleans, LA

“This is a fun book to give to someone who’s getting on your nerves.”
-- WICC Radio, Jim Buchanan, Bridgeport, CT

“We need to implement this tax plan”; “We applaud your due diligence, your efforts on behalf of the country”; “Keep up the good work!”
-- COMEDY WORLD Radio “Morning Sickness,” Peter Berman & Erin Carman, Los Angeles, CA

“A funny premise”’; “This is a good idea”; “It’s an interesting concept and we look forward to Volume Two.”
-- WSAR Radio, “Happy Hec” Show, “Happy Hec” Gauthier & Brenda Holiday, Somerset, MA

“Some funny stuff”; “A very funny look at some funny ‘taxes’.”
-- WGHT Radio, Noam Laden & Jay Meyer, Pompton Lakes, NJ

“It’s one of the most humorous books I’ve read in a very long time”; “It pushes all the right buttons”; “I’ve been in these situations and it’s amazing how many 
of these things happen in our daily lives”; “A delightful read, a quick read, it’s going to make you laugh“; “A stress reliever, a wonderful lift-me-up”; “You 
can’t help but have fun with this book.”
-- WKBV Radio, Elizabeth Coyle, Richmond, IN

“The title says it all”; “You’ve got a winner here.”
-- WKVL Radio, Walker Johnson / Todd Ethridge, Knoxville, TN

“It’s very funny stuff that stabs at the heart of what is the bigger problem”; “There’s a whole group of people you want to tax”; “Your book is very funny.”
-- WBOQ Radio, “Daybreak”, Dana Hersey, Beverly, MA

“The Attention Deficit Tax is one of my favorites and I love the Columbus Tax”; “The fun of this book is to share it with people in your life and come up with 
which taxes apply to whom”; “It doesn’t leave anyone unscathed”; “A very hilarious book.”
-- WGCH Radio, “Big Talk for a Small Planet”, Amy Beth Arkawy, Rye Brook, NY

“It’s a great book”; “You get a chuckle out of every single ‘tax’.”
-- KFGO Radio, Bill Meyer & Barbara Lee, Fargo, ND

“The title certainly caught my eye”; “You find yourself nodding, yeah, I agree with that one, I agree with that one”; “It’s a great book”; “If you want to have 
some fun, get a copy of this book and have a laugh.”
-- KWIX Radio, Ken Kujawa, Moberly, MO

“This book falls into my category of really good bathroom reading”; “It’s short, you could read a little at a time, it’s really very funny”; “You have a great sense 
of humor, I think it’s fantastic.”
-- CWLK Radio, Melanie Deveaux, Windsor, Ontario, Canada

“Punishing the evil and empowering readers”; “These tax categories are wild”; “You’ve hit some hilarious points and I’ve been in the same boat -- I felt much better 
after reading it”; “Every member of congress should be sent this book!”
-- KLPW Radio, Greg Marshall, St. Louis, MO


Readers love "Tax The Rude, Not Me!" too...

Happy customer

“This book is funny as hell!” 

“I found myself laughing out loud as I immediately identified with the annoying situations described in the book. I'm glad this stuff doesn't just happen to me! As 
an accountant, the title enticed me into buying it, but I think everyone can relate to it. It's a collection of gripes for which clever tax names are assigned. 

"One of the features of this book is how it reads. You read the name of the ‘tax,’ you read the description, you identify with it, and then the name becomes hilarious. 
I even came up with a few taxes of my own! I would definitely recommend this book. I think it also makes a great gift idea."
-- Bruce K. VanDee, Central New York

Another happy customer 

“I laughed out loud!” 

“I know we all complain about the rude people we run into every day. Well, this book points a finger at the guilty parties and it’s hilarious. Whether you live in the 
city or the suburbs, you can really identify with the concept of having taxes for the rude, and believe me, you’ll recognize many of the miscreants. Even Dale Carnegie wouldn’t want these people for friends. 

"The authors have taken up the gauntlet, and now I feel I have a voice for all the unspoken aggravations I experience. Finally, someone’s put into words what I 
thought all along! And I laughed out loud. I even thought of a few taxes of my own. This book is funny!”
-- P. Burns, Bergen County, NJ

Raves from another satisfied reader

“Buy it, read it, and tell the next selfish offender you meet about it!”

“A fitting sequel to Peter Finch’s ‘not going to take it anymore,’ this book is a candy box composed of an acerbic assortment of excoriating bon bons...witty 
reflections on the myriad ingredients of human involvement that had me laughing out loud.

“A novel way to confront bad behavior, ‘Tax the Rude, Not Me!’ admonishes etiquette faux pas and uses caustic humor to catalog where flagrant expedience 
transcends couth and courtesy. Buy it, read it, and tell the next selfish offender you meet about it.”

--T. Grady, Hudson County, NJ

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