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Consumer over a barrel Consumer Protection, Identify Theft, Privacy Invasion, Product Safety, Alerts & Recalls, Product Reviews & Price Comparisons, Consumer Rights Organizations, CEO Greed, Corporate Abuses, Scams, Spam, Hoaxes, Legal Resources, Law Dictionary, Airline Passenger Rights & Safety, Choosing a Charity, Traveling Smartly & Safely, Etiquette for Overseas Travelers and Currency Converters

Personal identity theft, privacy invasion and safeguards, protecting your credit, personal data and PC, snoopy cookies, data thieves, safe web surfing, exploitation of your personal driving records, workplace privacy, self-defense to fight electronic snoops, un-spamming your life

Lifesaving info, consumer reports on product safety, recalls, unsafe foods, products and drugs, dangerous toys, plus sleazy schemes, consumer abuses, and deceptive practices

Consumer protection and empowerment-- be an informed consumer, know how to fight for your rights, where to complain when you're taken advantage of, dispute problems, locate companies to resolve complaints, plus consumer assistance organizations, government agencies, consumer publications and databases, corporate abuses, CEO greed, consumer watchdogs -- they're all on your side

Buyer beware -- compare prices before you buy, learn about manufacturer reliability and customer service, get product comparisons, reviews, ratings, recommendations, rebates, coupons, bonuses, find reliable e-merchants, and maybe even praise a merchant, learn which charities are worthy of your support and which are not

Scams, spam, hoaxes, Internet viruses, computer bugs, hoax e-mails, phony virus alerts, urban legends, reducing  junk e-mail

Legal help and resources, legal questions, protection from incompetent lawyers, legal forms, law dictionary, lots of legal first-aid, free law consultations, estate and financial planning, find an attorney

Airline consumer protection, aviation safety, air rage, airline passenger rights, overbooking, denied boardings, lost baggage, cancelled flights, file a complaint, fear of flying tips

Travel smartly & safely -- information for safe travel and well-mannered travelers, like etiquette and protocol for overseas, travel warnings, travel scams, health and inoculation information, foreign phrases, translator and dictionaries, worldwide news, holidays and festivals, currency converters

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