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Insights, Opinions, Observations, Satire and Advice... Plus Salutes and Kudos to the Magnificent Everyday Heroes and Unsung Role Models in Our Midst Who Strive to Make A Difference in a Rude & Angry World --As Well As Some Bozos Among Us

A Matter of Opinion -- Some Thoughts, Handy Life Tips, Personal Observations, Opinions, Conclusions, Adventures of Consumer Crusaders, and Pieces of Our Mind

More Pieces of Our Mind, Free! Get-Rich-Quick Idea$, Productivity Pundit Pushes Program--Jostles Jobs,  A Taste of Big-City "Fun," Restroom Revolutions

Everyday heroes whose positive actions and words can heal the hurt and calm the anger -- these agents of changes shine by example and their energies uplift us all in this age of rage 

Kudos to champions of constructive ideas, actions, and gestures that influence or impact us for the 

Here's a collection of "Bozos," together with how they distinguished themselves -- you be the judge as to whether or not their actions make them worthy of this ranking


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