A safe haven from rudeness, rage and stress

Rudeness is more
than bad manners and rage. 
When there's no respect for others, bad attitudes, anger and disrespect morph into identity theft, scams, hoaxes, bad products, bad service, bad medicine, bullying, youth violence, depression and sky-high stress levels.  Relax.  We can help...

You have found the safe haven from rudeness, anger and tension.  We hope this site helps you be more confident, in control, be smarter, stronger, safer, healthier, calmer, happier, fight back, be entertained, empowered, sparked and fully de-stressed!


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"Rude": discourteous, impolite, uncivil, vulgar, unmannerly, disrespectful, misbehaved, brazen, insulting, caustic, gruff, uncouth, brash,  inconsiderate, tactless, boisterous, sarcastic, abrupt, furious,  uncivilized, crude, coarse, ferocious, vile, savage, offensive,  raging, violent, brutal, cruel,  contemptuous, insolent, grouchy, barbarous, gross...
(The Synonym Finder,J.I. Rodale, Warner Books)




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Angry hostile man cartoon ANGER, Rage, Hostility, Bullying, Aggression, Anger Self Tests, Youth Violence Resources, Rudeness, Rage & Incivility Making Headlines, Plus Experts, Research and Statistics --Who Says We're Rude?
Civil gentlemen courteous to each other ETIQUETTE Guides for all Occasions, Good Manners in Any Situation, Respect, Polite Kids, Teaching Children Manners, Cell Phone Etiquette, Web Manners, Etiquette Quizzes, Manners Tests, Nostalgia
Fun and games jester FUN for Grownups!  Free Online Games, Web Jokes, Dumb Diversions, Wordplay, Laughs, Brain Teasers, Amusing Stuff for Stress Relief, Just Relax -- Humor Is the Best Stress Buster

Stressed guy

Instant STRESS RELIEF,  Stress Tests & Quizzes, Tension Relievers, Stress Management, Relaxation, Help for Depression & Anxiety for Adults & Children, Phobias, Online Shrinks, Web Counseling, Quick Psychological Pick-Me-Ups, Helping Kids Cope with Stress & Crisis
Consumer over a barrel CONSUMER Protection, Identity Theft, Privacy Invasion, Product Safety, Consumer Rights, Where to Complain, CEO Greed, Product Reviews, Scams, Spam, Hoaxes, Legal Resources, Law Dictionary, Airline Passenger Rights, Choosing a Charity, Traveling Smartly & Safely
Good health medicine bottle HEALTH News, Hotlines & Information, Drug Safety & Price Comparisons, Drug Interactions, Medical Dictionaries, Food Safety, Natural Healing, Alternative Medicine, Patient Rights & Privacy, Fight Your HMO, Care for the Dying, Grief and Bereavement
Smart, inspired, empowered ENLIGHTENING Resources: Look Like a Genius, Get Sparked, Conversions, Diversions, Gee-Whiz Stuff, Do-it-Yourself Tips and Tricks, Expert Advice, Awesome Resources that Inspire, Find Textbooks
Kid safe jack-in-the-box FOR KIDS: Un-Rude, Non-Violent Web Playground for Children -- Free Online Kids' Games,  Learning Adventures, Science, Discovery, Cool & "Yucky" Stuff, Zoos and More
Victim surviving and coping VICTIMS' Rights & Resources, Help for Crime Victims, Missing Children, Coping with Violence, Disaster & Terror, Resources for Adults, Kids and Teachers
Washington icon for citizens and taxpayers CITIZEN & Taxpayer Empowerment, Direct Pipelines to Politicians, Watchdog Groups, Voter Resources & "Insider" Stuff, Tax Tips, Tax Breaks, Tax Glossary & Tax Humor
Send a free e-greeting card E-GREETINGS: Send a Free RudeBusters E-Greeting Card. Design it Yourself! Tell Someone You Care, Cheer Them Up, Send Congratulations or an Apology, Say Thank You. You Create the Look and Message!
Special salute to everyday heroes A SALUTE to the Magnificent Everyday Heroes Who Strive to Make a Difference in This Rude & Angry World -- Plus Kudos to Those Having a Positive Influence on the Rest of Us
Bozo boy BOZOS!... Here's a collection of "bozos," together with how they distinguished themselves
Thoughtfull man with advice and opinions OPINIONS, Insights, Satire, Advice, Handy Life Tips, Personal Observations, Conclusions, Adventures of Consumer Crusaders, and Pieces of Our Mind
Mind bolt MORE Pieces of Our Mind, Free! Get-Rich-Quick Idea$, Productivity Pundit Pushes Program--Jostles Jobs,  A Taste of Big-City "Fun," Restroom Revolutions

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